Ueno Zoo Lottery Website

Mother and cub panda viewing lottery

You can enter the lottery for the mother and cub panda viewing on this website.
Only those who have been selected in the lottery will be able to view the pandas.

【Please note】

『Admission/Viewing Time』

・The time slot you apply to will be your viewing time.

・Please enter the zoo at a time that ensures you are not late for your viewing time. (Note that you may be refused entry for the mother and cub panda viewing once your viewing time has passed.)


・Admission for mother and cub panda viewing is valid only when the person (representative) who applied for the winning lottery ticket is present. If the representative is not present, other members of the party cannot enter. No exceptions will be made.

・Cancellations are allowed only during the lottery entry period. Please select a day you can certainly attend as well as a definite number of companions.
・It is not necessary to inform us if you cannot attend on the day or there will be fewer members (other than the representative) in your party.

How to enter the panda viewing lottery

  • Registration

    You must register as a member on the Ueno Zoo Panda Viewing Lottery Website to enter.
    If you have not yet registered as a member, please do so by clicking on the “Registration” link at the bottom of this page.
    You must verify your registration by SMS and email address to enter the lottery.
    *SMS verification is a method to confirm your identity by using a mobile phone number.
    *Email address verification is also used to confirm your identity together with the SMS verification.

  • Lottery Entry

    When you have completed your registration, please enter the panda viewing lottery via the “Lottery Entry”.

    The number of date and time slots one person is allowed to enter for during the lottery entry period is limited to one time slot per date during a viewing period.
    (You cannot enter for multiple time slots for one date.)

    ・You can enter up to five people at one time including the applicant.

    ・When the lottery entry period is over, the lottery will take place.

    ・When the lottery results are in, please check your results by clicking the “Lottery History” link on “My Page.”

    ・After you submit your entry, you will not be able to change your information.

  • Admission and viewing of the twin pandas

    The QR code will be available from the “Lottery History” link on “My Page” from 0:00 on the date of viewing admission.


    ・Please make sure you arrive at the Ueno Zoo Entrance (main gate) with enough time before your scheduled mother and cub panda viewing time. (Note that you may be refused entry for the mother and cub panda viewing once your viewing time has passed.)

    ・After reading the QR code(s), please purchase admission ticket(s) at the ticket machine or counter to enter if you don’t have them. If you have already bought your admission ticket(s) online, you can enter without buying ticket(s) at the machine or counter.

    Viewing of the twin pandas

    ・Please come to the Panda Forest in the West Garden during the reception hours you selected when you entered the lottery.

    ・At the entrance, we will read the QR code(s). Please display the representative person’s identification and QR code(s) for the number of people you entered into the lottery.

    ・After reading the QR code(s), please queue up for the viewing and wait. We will guide you through the viewing area in order.

Lottery Entry

You can only enter lottery that is open for the lottery entry period.

  • Event Name

    Mother and Cub Panda Viewing

    Dates of Viewing
    Lottery Entry Period
    June 24, 2022 (Fri) 01:00 p.m.~ June 27, 2022 (Mon) 01:00 p.m.
    Date and Time of Lottery Results
    June 30, 2022 (Thu) 01:00 p.m.